Friday, October 29, 2010

Service Industry Sale

When Kim & I owned Paper Boat we realized that the best advertisement for us wasn't in the paper, it was the people who bought stuff from us and wore it to work. Soon after we would get someone in saying my waitresses// bartenders// hair stylist was wearing this "so and so" & BAM like that, we'd have a new customer.

With that lesson learned, Sky High will be having 3 surprise sales saying thanks to our service industry customers while the pop-up boutique is being hosted in the back. That means between now and December 31st. To stay on top of sales I suggest following either myself or the shop on twitter or facebook.


@faythelevine + @skyhighMKE = sweet 20% off sales on fancy things & skateboard gear

Swing by tomorrow, our first sale is from 11-6

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