Sunday, August 8, 2010

Road Trip: part 1 {land}

We took a quick 3 day road trip to visit some nearby spots before the summer was over. I know, I know Summer isn't over, but it IS over in the Midwest for this lady. After a 2 year record breaking 46 days home in Wisconsin I'm back on the road again as of today. I'm currently blogging from the air with Aaron to the left of me and 6 of his family members sitting behind us. We are on our way to stay in a cabin near Olympia, WA for a few days & then visit my mom's farm. Then those guys are heading back to WI and I am speaking at the Conference of Creative Entrepreneurs. THEN shooting a crew of sign painters lettering the side of my mom's barn in Bow, WA for a week. THENNNN off to a besties wedding in the middle of Montana. Packing for this trip was interesting. Anyways...

Road Trip: part 1 included staying in Trempealeau WI, visiting the Rock in the House and the Prairie Moon sculpture garden. All are highly recommended.

Trempealeau Hotel
Trempealeau Hotel, home of the walnut burger and $40 rooms.

It's on the honor system at Rock In the House, Fountain City WI

The entire house is labeled with these types of informative signs.

That lead you to.....


Then, just down the road from the House in the Rock is the beautiful & magic Prairie Moon sculpture garden.

Prairie Moon

Prairie Moon

Prairie Moon

Prairie Moon

road trip! Prarie Moon ---> Wolf Spider Island
Then we are off to find Wolf Spider Island!

Full photo set here. Part 2 with photos of our stay on the Mississippi river in our friends geodesic dome house boat coming soon.

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Janelle said...

Yes, the Rock in the House. Readers, please don't confuse with the House on the Rock (also in WI)!