Saturday, August 14, 2010

Family: now & then

It's complicated to explain where I "grew up", but this is sort of relevant to the two photos I wanted to post-

I was born (at home) in Minneapolis, MN. I spent the 4th year of my life in a van (the maroon balloon) driving around the United States and Mexico with my mom & dad until it was time for school. We settled in California where my mom grew up. Then along with a ton of other 1980's LA people our family of 3 migrated up to Seattle where I started 6th grade and finished high school. I stayed in the Pacific NW until 1998, then sorta randomly ended back in Minneapolis with my first boyfriend living in a wearhouse called the Spice Factory (it really was a spice factory).

This past week I flew with my man and 6 of his family members to Seattle for a vacation. Considering I am an only child, this was a pretty epic trip for me.

Family Vacation to the NW
The Polansky-Johnson's + 1 Levine family in front of the Olympia free wall

A part of this family vacay was spent driving up to my mom's farm for the night. While there she passed on to me a box of old slides, photos and letters. Tonight, out of that box, I just unearthed this mysterious envelope addressed to me from 1978 in my dad's handwriting.

1978 letter to me from my dad

Turns out it's a letter from my dad to me while he was away on a business trip when I was 7 months old.

It's now one of my most treasured items.

It's nice to be "home" for a bit.

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