Monday, August 11, 2014

Paradise is a Garden // Joe Hollis

"Paradise is, first of all, a garden. A garden in which everything we need is there for the taking." 
-Joe Hollis

It is a little surreal to be sitting in France looking at these photos I shot last month in North Carolina. Although my current goal is to be slowing down my summer has been non-stop with incredible experiences. And the timing was spot on with my annual North Carolina visit to see my friends who live in the Smokey Mountains. They are in their first year of an apprenticeship program for their herb school and arranged a day trip to visit Joe Hollis at Mountain Gardens. Joe is a friend of theirs with similar outlooks on living who has had his land project since 1972. It was beyond inspiring to hear the history of this land and hear Joe talk fluidly about the species of plants as he gave us a tour.  Equally important for me was to be reminded what we can create.

Everyone should read Joe's essay Pardise Gardening.

Thank you Joe for your time you shared during this visit and what you have created here. And to Janet + Dave for making this day happen.

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