Monday, June 4, 2012

Anonymous Choir

Once and awhile I make a really good decision. Heading to an early outside show to see Anonymous Choir from Minneapolis play on a Monday night was one of them. 

The story of this show involves my big world is continually growing smaller. There are many crossovers with women in this group from different parts of my life. The important part is that they  had a lovely bright summer evening to perform in a friends yard, a potluck filled with amazing food and an audience of over 50 people attentively listening to their tranquil and mesmerizing performance.

I was super happy I captured (rare for me) video of their beautiful cover of the ultimate Kate Bush song, Running Up That Hill. Thank you so very much ladies for sharing your voices & all you do.

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Krista said...

awesome! great to see a bit of video too.. looks like a beautiful evening

Erika said...

how magical...I love the interpretation of the song :)