Thursday, November 17, 2011

34 & Much Much More.

As my life seems to go in waves of really busy to mega busy, currently I am finding myself nearly in over my head. But, I'm an expert at rolling with it, 2 months will pass & I'll look back and think wow, that happened.

Aaron wins the prize this week for planning early birthday celebrations. On Monday, 6 days before my actual day of birth, November 20th we took a 24 hour trip. My birthday falls on the week of Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving means that Art vs. Craft is soon to follow- which = me being slightly nuts & don't get to really relax. We drove down to Chicago & I was really excited when we pulled up to Longman & Eagle, a delicious restaurant owned by some friends that also has a few beautiful rooms you can book upstairs. It was my first time staying there and I highly recommend it.

Our dinner was fantastic. The room was great. Breakfast back downstairs was incredible. We didn't have to leave the building. Thank you Aaron for being such a thoughtful man & making my birthday special.

Longman & Eagle: mix tapes are a great way to start your day. My two favorites were RAPS & FOLKS.
The thing about Longman & Eagle is that it is perfect down to the smallest details- mix tapes in every room, good ones. My favorites were the Folks & Raps.

After I check off turning 34 off the list on Sunday, eat a lot of food with friends on Thursday, remember to stop and reflect on why I am thankful for my rad life-- next on the list is Art vs. Craft. I can hardly believe it but this is the 8th year we have done the show, and to be clear, not the 8th show, the 8th year. For the first two years I used to coordinate 2 events a year. Then I started working on Handmade Nation and got too busy. So if your near, you should come, 100 vendors selling some of the best handmade goods in the Midwest.

Art vs. Craft: 2011
Poster design by the Little Friends of Printmaking

A few days to wrap up that event then Sam & I head out for a quick 2 day shoot for the Sign Painter Movie. Home on Thursday November 30th just in time to see my old friend Solana who will be in town for a day. She is the tour manager for Beriut, so if we get home in time I'll get the extra bonus of going to that show at Turner Ballroom. Solana lives in Porto, Portugal so I don't get to see her often- the last time was actually when I went to visit her there almost 2 years ago.

Then, I have one day of prep and the second annual Sky High Gallery Holiday pop-up opens. You are all invited on December 2 to the open house from 5-10pm. I'm really excited about the inventory I've collected for the pop-up this year, it's pretty lovely.

Preparing for the season. @SkyHighMKE Gallery pop-up Menu.
Cursive typewriter // Sky High Gallery pop-up Menu

I probably won't be posting here for a few weeks, keep up with me on twitter if that's your thing.

Told you, 100% non-stop.


CassieMarie said...

Happy Birthday! Hope all of your events go off hitch free! :)

Phyl said...

Happy almost birthday, Faythe!

chanstand said...

happy birthday...i too stayed at longman and eagle in November! i thought it was awesome!!!