Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Season of the Witch

WITCH is an all-woman everything.

Must Be the Season of the Witch

It's theater revolution, magic, terror, joy, garlic, flowers, spells.

It's awareness that witches and gypsies were the original guerrillas and resistance fighters against oppression particularly the oppression of women-- down through the ages.

Witches have always been women who dared to be: courageous, aggressive, intelligent, nonconformist, exploitative, curious, independent, sexually liberated and revolutionary. this possibly explains why nine million of them have been burned.

You make your own rules. You are free and beautiful. You can be invisible or evident in how you choose to make your witch-self known

- excerpts from "WITCH!" a self-published zine by Xander Marro [originally reprinted from the W.I.T.C.H. MANIFESTO]

Four years ago in 2007 I curated a group exhibit in Milwaukee at my old spot Paper Boat Gallery titled "The New Witch". I'm pretty sure I re-visit this show every year on my blog but I'm in love with the work from it. The exhibit itself featured a diverse selection of work by an amazing group of women artists from around the country; Xandar Marro, Pippi Zornoza, Micaela O'Herlihy, Kim Kisiolek, Polina Malikin and Katy Horan.

Xander Marro, who's image (top) that was a silk-screened patch was the showcard for the show. Her zine that was a part of the show "WITCH!" has so much great fodder & inspiration. And I'd like to point out the words I pulled above to share resonate importance year round, not just during the fall Halloween season.

I also couldn't be more excited to be sharing with you WITCHSONG. Up until this point it was only heard as a part of "The New Witch" show as a sound installation. Micaela gave me permission to share with you this fucking unreal track.

In order to compose this piece Micaela sorted and sifted through 60 films that all featured witches, pulled the audio and then collaged them together into this fantastic experimental track. Feel free to download & share & please credit when deserved.

WITCHSONG uploaded by faythelevine

If you are interested there is a random selection of photos from "The New Witch" here.


Elisa / MollyMorpheus said...

Thanks for sharing, loved the witchsong!

Blessed be!

Cherie said...

Eeeew, coooool!!