Saturday, April 3, 2010

Pets with Fez

This is a bit overdue but A few weeks back while in California after Tanya Aguiniga took us to meet Clare Graham at his mind-blowing space (read about it here) we all walked down the street to a mysterious spot called "Pets with Fez" to meet her friend Baba.

Talk about topping an amazing place with another amazing place. Baba has been weaving since he was 6. This shop is crammed with bric-a-brac, yarn and looms and if you live in LA you can learn to weave there. I was in love immediatly.

Pets with Fez Weaving


Pets with Fez Weaving

That's a b&w photo of Baba when he was young

Pets with Fez Weaving

Check out the entire photo set here.



what glorious eyeball commotion!

vantiani said...

oh way rad! i wish i live near by:(