Sunday, March 8, 2009

It's all the things I love in my face

Melbourne, Australia
There is this site that Aaron sent

Luna Park
Rode the Historic Scenic Railway built in 1911 at Luna Park

Bronze Chunky Workers
Ate my first meat pie

Flavoured Milk
I don't drink a milk but sure do love how these look

Bird plauge
Bird Plauge


Road trip!

Road trip!
Road trip to the ocean

Ferry ride

Flake & Chips (flake = gummy shark)
I ate flake & chips (flake = gummy shark)

Start of a long night

Our host Ryan orders a round of Affogato before we were all asked to leave the tapas resturant Two Buoys. He says "It's all the things I love in my face". They were really good.

Later on in the night he proceeds to perform an amazing dance to "I Ran So Far Away"

Today, a much needed poolside revival in the sun

It's time for a very busy work week here down under.....

As always more photos HERE

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