Wednesday, November 21, 2007

30 for a day.

This is a photo of my birthday present from Nathan I got yesterday when I turned 30. This is a box (a very fancy leather box I might add) that has two plastic chairs (which I collect) with a small trunk in between them. On the back "wall" there is a little "frame" that reads "you are invited". In the trunk is a miniature flight itinerary for a trip to Mexico where we will be meeting up with my best friend Andrea & her boyfriend Derek. I have the best boyfriend ever.

Besides turning 30 yesterday I also finished my first book manuscript with Cortney Heimerl within the same 24 hours. Not a bad birthday.

Anyhow, I kept a blog for the last two years HERE and decided, a new age bracket, a new blog. No good reason, just starting fresh. So here I am at the Chicago airport, waiting for a connecting flight to go home for Thanksgiving (the first time in years, maybe 6 or 7) and I'm really excited about being 30, what I'm working on and where stuff is going.

More soon.

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Heather said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Faythe. Other than making me feel OLD (I was 19 in 1977. A very good year.) I glad I finally checked out your blog. As I said when I met you at Maker Faire, what you do warms my heart!