Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Jump Into My Mouth

Falling under my love for all things colorful,
this cake has captured my heart.

Rainbow Cake photo is from bookjournals' photostream

Swirly rainbow cakes I am no longer interested in you. Funny thing is I'm not really a cake eater or even into foods that contain a lot of dye. However, I feel the same way about this cake as I do when I want a piece of art, the perfect dress or a pair of earrings. I just want it. So like most things I just really want I will make it happen somehow.....I see a baking disaster in my near future, like in the fall when it's not 90 degrees in my kitchen. I'll keep you posted since it's bound to be a catastrophe.

Additional inspiration from here.


Kristina said...

WOW. I *just* read an entry on another blog last week(ish) with an artist who also made a rainbow cake to coincide with her gallery show. SOOOOOO sweet ...

Faythe Levine said...

that is awesome. thanks for the link!

Pezzettino said...

WOAH that's gorgeous

Sunbasilgarden said...

I just about jumped through the screen over your rainbow cake!!! oh my eyes. The real definition of fantastic

added to my fanpage too.