Monday, June 4, 2012

Spirit Universe

"The Talking Board is a sign that can say anything. It can cast any type of spell." -Ira Coyne

If you were in Portland, OR last month I hope you were lucky enough to catch this exhibit at Land Gallery, Spirit Universe: Talking Boards by Ira Coyne. Ira is a multi-talented artist, sign painter and very dear old friend of mine. After over ten years of friendship it never ceases to amaze me when I see the things he creates. After I saw these images he emailed last night I couldn't wait to post them.

"I advocate validity for the talking board. The power of communication is undeniable. However, my advice is this: Forget what you know about it. Forget what i said about it. Approach it with an open mind and heart. Surround yourself with love. HAVE FUN. Notice the subtle magic of them as they speak. Treat them with care and respect. The only danger here is fear and fear is something that can only exist within us, not within the board. Remember that words are magic and that you are also magic, and so is everything you touch." -Ira Coyne, from

If interested in reading more about Ira, the spirit boards or purchasing a CROW "print" (below) visit The originals pictured above you can purchase direct through Ira.

Please Note: All spirit board images courtesy of Ira Coyne. Font on the CROW spirit board (above) is based off the work of Alfredo Genovese of Buenos Aires. 


Snowdon said...

Love these, amazing lettering.

Unknown said...

Ira's art is amazing and a reflection of his passion toward creating inspiration where ever he goes! These boards are even more beautiful in person- besides the "print" no two are alike becsuse they are painted by hand!!! Truly amazing what humans can do.