Thursday, August 12, 2010

Road Trip: part 2 {water}

Posting this a little later then planed but better now then never right? Right. In Seattle getting ready for tomorrow's lecture at the Conference of Creative Entrepreneurs.

There has been a slight change of plans this trip, not shooting next week for the Sign Painter movie due to unforeseen circumstances but there is PLENTY to do while here including an exhibition I am really looking forward to checking out at the Museum of Northwest Art about Fishtown and the Skagit River (a exploration and multi-layered survey of the creative settlement that grew up on the Skagit River delta when artists, poets, and scholars occupied a series of abandoned fishermen’s shacks beginning in the late 1960s for nearly twenty years.)

These photos are the top picks from about 95 images I selected to post from a trip last week to visit my friends who live in a community on the Mississippi River of house boats/boat houses. It was one of the times I felt lucky to be alive and to know the people I do. I can't wait to go back and spend more time there sooner than later. Thanks Gerty, Auralee & Pucker (the dog) for having us in your home.

Welcome to Wolf Spider Island....

Geodesic dome house boat
The dome house boat.

Island Council Circle
This river community has existed since the 1960's

Host {Gerty}

<span class=
Hostess {Auralee}

Boat dog {Pucker}

Wolf Spider Island
Catfish picked clean by the Turkey Vultures.

everything is tied to shore
I realized everything had to be tied to shore.

river clam
River clam

Okra flower
Okra flower growing on a floating river garden

Sailor Knot

dome life
Inside the dome boat, living quarters.

Kitchen in the dome
Inside the dome boat, screened in kitchen.

dome life
Inside the dome (the original structure was built in the 60's)


home grown veggie & pesto pasta <span class=
Dinner. I didn't notice that boat on my plate until I uploaded the photo.

Dinner on the Mississippi

Mississippi River Northern Pike
After dinner river catch, Mr. Northern Pike.

after dinner dip in the Mississippi
After dinner dip in the Mississippi.

dusk on the Mississippi River
Dusk on the Mississippi

island fire
Island fire before bed

sunrise from inside the mosquito net
Sunrise on the Mississippi through the mosquito net.

<span class=
Up early, my man still asleep.

<span class=

heading home
later days Wolf Spider Island......boat ride back to the car.

Full photo set here. Check out photographer Monia Lippi's "Floating Winona" images to see more of this community from another perspective.


c.lorraine said...

I am fully jealous of what looks like an amazing trip!

Mucho Milwaukee said...

This is very cool! Great pics and a really interesting way of life.

Cassie said...

Amazing photos, amazing places. (The food looks really good, too.)