Thursday, March 12, 2009

You may blurt out the truth before you can stop

Above header written by my father, it's the Scorpio horoscope of the day.

I love this, it's over at 20x200:

by Mike Monteiro via My Love For You.

I just had the best night. Went to the opening of Viva La Craft here in Melbourne at Craft Victoria. Then dinner at this amazing restaurant next to the gallery called Cumulus with Alex from Chicks on Speed, who I last saw in Germany and her amazing friend Abigail. Abi is the director for Third Drawer Down, an incredible space/business/gallery/concept. After our amazing dinner we swung by her shop for an after hours visit and I got some really great stuff including a set of limited edition pillowcases by an Australian artist named Dylan Martorell and some presents for peeps at home. She also gave me this amazing piece they did for Louise Bourgeois and the Tate, info on this piece here.

Here is Melissa in Third Drawer Down as we were leaving tonight.

We are all very tired. Photos tomorrow, or today, depending where you are reading this.....

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